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CRAZ8 is the Website Performance Optimization consultancy of Tom Fakes, with a particular focus on websites built with the Ruby on Rails web framework. If you need help making your Rails application scale, or need a performance audit performed, email me today to schedule a call.

Do I need a faster website?

Amazon ran some tests:

[We] had a similar experience at Amazon.com. In A/B tests, we tried delaying the page in increments of 100 milliseconds and found that even very small delays would result in substantial and costly drops in revenue.

Are you sure your business is converting as many users and generating as much revenue as it could be?

How can CRAZ8 Help me?

Having spent 20 years building scalable production applications, and over 7 years working with Ruby on Rails, CRAZ8 owner, Tom Fakes has the credentials and experience to ensure your project is running on all cylinders to bring in the business you expect from your website.

Email me today to schedule a call to discuss your specific problems.

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